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Joom Tamil Quiz is an interesting quiz app in Tamil. Panchamithra gamers created this for fun loving Tamil Com



Joom Tamil Quiz is an android app available in Play Store. Once you register in the app, you can play quiz in sessions and challenge your friends or any anonymous user.

You will be given 20 seconds to answer 15 questions. You can select any category form over 30 available. You can choose an answer from 4 options. Every correct answer givesĀ  you points and if wrong tells you the correct one.



Tamil Quiz App with 1000s of question and answers.
Answer questions and learn.
Simple app to enhance your Knowledge.
Challenge your friends or select any random Opponent to play.
** Medical and health
** General Knowledge
** Tamil Connections
** Science
** History and Social
** Engineering
** Architecture
** Tamil Proverbs
** Thirukural

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