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Tamil Connection game is an android app created by Panchamithra.in. It is now very popular among Tamil Lovers and ranked well in the Google Play Store.



The Connection game is similar to the Jegan’s Connexions game running in Vijay T.V every Sunday. Many of are so fascinated by this excellent entertainment programme.
connections-first-page**Four images are given to find the name of a Movie, Place, Actor, Director or may be any thing.
**You may easily guess the answer by simply viewing the image
**If you find it difficult then there are six clues/hints for you
**You can remove all letters not related to the answer
**You can ask to reveal a single letter
**There is a word hint
**There is a hint with relevant information
**Ask you friend via Facebook
**Ask you friend via Twitter
**Browse the Wikipedia or our website Paaru.In and look for the clue
There are 40 Levels with total 900Images to find and play.
There will be more and more Images and Levels for you in the next update.

If you win your hints will increase
If you lose all your Hints Share the Game in Facebook, Twitter or write a Review or Leave a % Star rating in Google Play Store to get more Hints.

Enjoy and write your genuine reviews.


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