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Finger Tips Android game

Finger Tips Android game is available in Play store exclusively for Tamil Movie Lovers. Finger tips scratch and find Tamil, Hindi, Telugu heroes and Heroines. Some famous English Movie actors and actress also given.     Scratch Images with Fingers, use the tip and Find the Image. Select correct answer from 4 Options. Play and

Tamil Connection Game

Tamil Connection game is an android app created by Panchamithra.in. It is now very popular among Tamil Lovers and ranked well in the Google Play Store.   The Connection game is similar to the Jegan's Connexions game running in Vijay T.V every Sunday. Many of are so fascinated by this excellent entertainment programme. **Four images

Tamil Quiz Joom quiz App

Joom Tamil Quiz is an interesting quiz app in Tamil. Panchamithra gamers created this for fun loving Tamil Com munity. Joom Tamil Quiz is an android app available in Play Store. Once you register in the app, you can play quiz in sessions and challenge your friends or any anonymous user. You will be given